Safe and Accepting Schools

CHPS Parking Lot

Chris Hadfield is considered a Walk To School which means the majority of our students live within walking distance. However, we recognize that personal circumstances and weather sometimes create the need to drive your child(ren) to school.  To facilitate this with the safety of our students in mind, we offer our Hadfield Kiss and Ride program in the morning. At the end of the  school day, we do not have a kiss and ride program. Parents and caregivers are required to park their vehicle in either an available spot on the south end of the parking lot or on the street. We have two parking spots designated as accessible. These are for permit holders only. Please do not double park or block anyone else in. We will ask you to move your vehicle if it's not in the designated areas. Additionally, if we see the parking lot is full, we may stop vehicles from entering until spots become available.  The front driveway is not a pickup location at the end of the day as it is used for buses. At no time is aggressive or disrespectful behaviour warranted. This is an elementary school and we trust our families to demonstrate amongst each other the same respect we ask of the students. We thank you in advance for supporting and following our parking lot expectations, ensuring the safety of all our students.